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US security company WatchGuard Technologies has completed the acquisition of Panda Security. Panda is a specialist in endpoint security for consumers and businesses.

The acquisition was initially announced in March. WatchGuard didn’t disclose how much it paid for the security specialist. In a statement, the company said that the acquisition “will enable current and future customers and partners to consolidate their fundamental security services from network to endpoint under a single company.”

Panda Security is best known for its antivirus software, which includes free versions available to consumers. WatchGuard, on the other hand, focuses on securing corporate networks.

Extensive portfolio

Through the acquisition of Panda Security, WatchGuard can offer an extensive portfolio to clients and partners of both organisations. They will have access to advanced threat detection & response functionality using AI, behaviour profiling techniques and security event correlation. Customers also benefit from a renewed centralised management of network and endpoint security.

WatchGuard-CEO Prakash Panjwani emphasises that their customers and partners need access to “enterprise-grade security built for the unique needs and demands of the mid-market segment. He calls the acquisition of Panda Security and the integration of their services into the WatchGuard Cloud portfolio an important milestone for the company. “The acquisition will result in both immediate and long-term benefits for our customers and partners who face common challenges regarding the complexity of security, rapidly changing network topologies, purchasing models and more,” said Panjwani.