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McAfee has made its new threat intelligence service MVISION Insight publicly available. The service provides enterprises with advanced knowledge about potential attacks against their system.

According to McAfee, the company uses more than one billion sensors to gather threat intelligence on malware and cyberattacks. The acquired data makes it easier for companies to prepare for potential attacks against their systems. The service identifies hack campaigns in an organisation’s industry and region and sorts these campaigns according to the level of danger they pose to the organisation.

Endpoint security

McAfee’s endpoint security platform contains MVISION Insights and prevents attacks at an early stage with a so-called “shift left” approach with scores for security postures, configuration assessments and automated updates and policies. This makes it easier for enterprise security teams to investigate sophisticated attacks and respond in time. The main goal of this integration is to reduce the pressure on security teams by making their work easier.

The platform simplifies the investigation and response to advanced threat campaigns using unified Endpoint Detection and Response capabilities. These capabilities include multi-sensor telemetry, AI-led investigations, MITRE ATT&CK mapping and real-time hunting. This integrated solution prevents ransomware and other forms of malware and therefore reduces the impact of a potential cyberattack. Recovery capabilities have also been improved with new ways to recover affected files with more ease.

“CISOs want an answer to a fundamental question: How truly protected they are against the latest adversarial campaign targeting their organisation,” said Ash Kulkarni, vice president of McAfee. “Our latest endpoint security innovation, MVISION Insights, delivers the industry-first actionable threat intelligence so organisations can preempt an attack rather than scramble to contain a breach.”