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Trend Micro has announced a new security solution. Cloud One – Container Security aims to simplify application security in container environments.

The new security software will be part of the Cloud One platform that Trend Micro announced in late 2019. The company aims to deliver a simple tool that helps teams secure the build, deployment and execution of containerised software. It consists of three main elements.

Three-part security

While the software is still being developed, Trend Micro’s software scans the containers for potential problems. It bases these scans on databases of known vulnerabilities. To achieve this, Trend Micro says it is working with Snyk, a company that specialises in container security. By solving problems early, Trend Micro aims to avoid costly procedures if such problems are found after implementation.

For the secure integration of containers, Container Security offers the possibility to create rules. If the software does not comply with the rules, the implementation is blocked.

Once the software is running, Trend Micro promises that Container Security will constantly monitor the security of the container. Container Security keeps an eye out for potential vulnerabilities and notifies administrators if a problem is found.


Trend Micro released Cloud One in early 2020. The software serves as a platform that can take on the entire cybersecurity of a company. Its primary focus is on workload security, with runtime protection for physical workloads and workloads in the cloud or containers.

Later in 2020, Trend Micro added the Conformity service to Cloud One. This service should solve misconfigurations, compliance challenges and security risks for users on Microsoft Azure.

Tip: Trend Micro strongly focuses on the multicloud