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BeyondCorp Enterprise is now generally available to Google Cloud customers.

This week Google Cloud announced the general availability of its new zero trust security product, BeyondCorp Enterprise, a scalable, agentless, end-to-end zero trust platform that lives entirely within Chrome Enterprise.

BeyondCorp Enterprise is designed to provide continuous and real-time end-to-end protection, scalable DDoS protection and built-in, verifiable platform security. The platform includes embedded data and threat protection built into Chrome to prevent malicious or unintentional data loss and exfiltration and malware infections from the network to the browser.

Google developed BeyondCorp for its own security

Sunil Potti, VP/GM, Google Cloud Security, announced the availability in a blog post this week. “Security issues continue to disrupt the status quo for global enterprises,” he observes.

“Recent incidents highlight the need to re-think our security plans and operations,” he explains. “Attackers are getting smarter, attacks are more sophisticated, and assumptions about what is and isn’t locked down no longer hold.”

“The challenge,” Potti says, “is to enable disruptive innovation in security without disrupting security operations.”

Google has first-hand knowledge of the value of the BeyondCorp solution. “Google is no stranger to zero trust—we’ve been on this journey for over a decade with our own implementation of BeyondCorp,” Potti explains. “BeyondCorp Enterprise brings this modern, proven technology to organizations so they can get started on their own zero trust journey.”

Key features of the platform

BeyondCorp Enterprise, Potti said, delivers three key benefits to customers and partners. First, it offer scalable zero trust that includes agentless support through a global network of 144 edge locations in more than 200 countries, DDoS protection tested against 2.5 TB/sec attacks, and verifiable platform security.

The solution also delivers Continuous, real-time, end-to-end protection with embedded data and threat protection, phishing-resistant authentication, continuous authorization, security from user-to-app and app-to-app based on BeyondProd, and automated public trust SSL certificate lifecycle management.

Finally, it offers extensibility and openness. This promotes ecosystems built around BeyondCorp Alliance partners and endpoint openness that incorporates partner signals for building access policies.

BeyondCorp also features app extensibility that allows integration with Citrix, VMware, and other partner companies. 

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