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Google’s ‘invisible security’ plan is advancing after the company released several updates for its existing security services and introduced new ones. The announcement came during its Security Summit on Tuesday.

Sunil Potti, Google’s Veep and General Manager of Cloud Security, said in a blog post that among the challenges facing traditional security services, none is more detrimental than their insistence on focusing on problems caused by other security tools, instead of the root causes of each issue.

He added that what’s needed to protect against a seemingly endless stream of threats is a new approach by enterprises to security, more suited to the reality of today’s clouds.

Frictionless security

Potti said that in Google Cloud, the company has successfully built advanced, cloud-native defences from scratch to serve businesses, governments, and individuals all over the world on a massive scale. He added that the aim is to bring innovations to market and boost productivity by preventing security-related disruptions.

To this end, Google’s focus is on ‘invisible security’ where the tools are engineered into the technologies people use. Cloud IDS is the epitome of that vision. The offering is said to be a cloud-native, managed intrusion detection system that enterprises can deploy in a few clicks

Cloud IDS

Cloud IDS is designed to protect against command-and-control attacks, network-based threats, spyware, and malware. Google worked with Palo Alto Networks closely to develop the product. 

It combines the best in single, cloud-scale native services with the best infrastructure from Google and the best-in-class security for advanced threats from Palo Alto. Together, they provide a product that enhances how threats are detected and how quickly they are repelled.

Other announcements included security analysis (with Google Chronicle and its integrations), the modernization of security operations (partnered with BT Group), cybersecurity insurance, and zero trust measures for governments.