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Ivanti, a significant player in the information technology infrastructure management space, announced on Monday that it acquired RiskSense, a venture-backed startup, to pad its cybersecurity capabilities. The deal is just the latest of several acquisitions Ivanti has announced recently.

Ivanti is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has several companies on the Fortune 100 list as its clients.

The company provides a wide variety of software products used by IT teams to get their daily tasks done. Admins rely on its tools to troubleshoot employee devices, manage IoT (Internet of Things) systems and point out unused subscriptions that can be cancelled, among other things.

Cybersecurity ambitions

Due to its strategic acquisitions, Ivanti has built up an impressive list of cybersecurity capabilities. The latest acquisition expands these capabilities even further.

RiskSense, based in California, provides a cybersecurity platform that can automatically detect if a company’s infrastructure systems or apps have any known vulnerabilities.

In addition to that, it can organize the vulnerabilities using severity ratings so that the worst ones are prioritized for fixes before they balloon into worse problems. Organizations can get very large, which means that vulnerabilities could go unnoticed.

RiskSense’s value

The management of large networks usually requires admins to know when there are flaws, organize them according to the severity and patch the direst issues first.

RiskSense eliminates the need to do too much work and the risk of missing something critically dangerous while offering specialized capabilities like vulnerability detection in apps.

Diagnosis of issues is, therefore, easier, and resolutions are reached faster. Combining this technology with what it got from acquiring Cherwell Software and MobileIron, Ivanti can offer more to its customers concerning security.

Before the acquisition, RiskSense raised about $24 million in funding.