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IBM Security buys ReaQta, acquiring its intelligent endpoint security platform

IBM Security buys ReaQta, acquiring its intelligent endpoint security platform

IBM has acquired the startup ReaQta. By doing so, Big Blue gets its hands on an intelligent endpoint security platform that allows security experts to fight hackers covertly.

The platform uses AI to automatically identify and combat threats. The activities are completely invisible to adversaries, so hackers cannot adapt to taken countermeasures. In addition, the Active Defense Intelligence Platform can be used by virtually any employee without requiring too much technical knowledge.

Endpoint security platform applications

The platform stops both known and unknown threats in real-time. The platform can be deployed in on-premises environments, in a hybrid model and, of course, from the cloud. Additionally, the platform can be applied in so-called ‘air gapped’ environments. These are networks that are physically closed off from other networks for security reasons.

The AI analysis, in this case deep learning, takes place on the endpoints managed by the platform. This constantly improves the definition of threat behaviour and can adjust security for each business environment down to the endpoint level. As a result, any anomalous behaviour can be countered.

Other functionality

Furthermore, the ReaQta platform should offer customers more speed in providing endpoint protection. According to the company, the platform provides means that bypass the pre-requisite of large security teams traditionally required for endpoint protection at scale.

The acquisition fits into IBM Security’s XDR strategy

IBM Security plans to integrate ReaQta’s technology into its existing products and services for detection and response, particularly XDR technology. Also, the acquisition of ReaQta should allow IBM Security to deliver its security services with a more open strategy across multiple tools, data environments and hybrid cloud environments.