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Google launches Cloud IDS, a cloud-based security solution for network-based threat detection. The introduction allows companies to further protect themselves against malware, spyware C&C attacks and other network threats.

According to Google, Cloud IDS enables customers to quickly implement security for their network environments. Application security within network environments plays a central role. Protection against network-based attacks includes threats such as malware, spyware and C&C attacks.

Google’s solution is based on technology from Palo Alto Networks, one of its partners. Users gain insight into the network traffic entering their (cloud) environments and traffic among workloads.

The cloud-based solution is available across all Google Cloud regions, allowing automatic scaling, daily detection signatures, support for HIPAA compliance regulations and integration with the Google Chronicle security analytics platform. The latter platform gives customers greater visibility into threats found by Cloud IDS.

Google Cloud IDS is now available. Costs are based on the hourly usage of the Cloud IDS client and the amount of data traffic being investigated.