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Google acquires security startup Siemplify to expand its data breach prevention capabilities. For this purpose, the startup’s technology will be integrated into Chronicle, the tech giant’s proprietary security business unit.

With the acquisition of Siemplify, also known as CyArx Technologies, Google gets its hands on a startup developing a Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed, but sources from TechCrunch estimate the value of Siemplify to be around 442 million euros ($500 million). The security startup has offices in New York, Israel and London.


The purchase of Siemplify provides Google with technology that allows companies to investigate and block hacking attempts. Specifically, the now-purchased platform allows threats to be monitored, investigated and fought using a single interface.

Security specialists can use the platform to create workflows or playbooks that automate manual elements of their work. This includes automatically quarantining suspicious files in a sandbox to check for possible malware.

Additionally, the platform autonomously seeks opportunities to improve security efficiency. To this end, Siemplify’s platform finds automated alternatives to manual workflows. Nothing short of RPA.

Integration into Chronicle portfolio

Google wants to integrate Siemplify’s platform technology into Chronicle, its proprietary security company. The technology should strengthen breach prevention capabilities within Chronicle.

Siemplify’s RPA technology contends for other integrations. The tech giant can use Siemplify’s automation capabilities to further develop automation playbooks in and outside of its public cloud environment.

Finally, the acquisition expands the tech giant’s market share within the fast-growing market of security automation solutions.