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Portnox, a network security startup, officially known as Access Layers, announced on Thursday that it has closed a $22-million funding round. The Series A investment was led by Elsewhere partners and is going to fuel growth plans by the startup.

Large companies can have corporate networks spanning thousands of devices that range from workstations to ‘internet of things’ devices.

Every device connected to the network is a channel through which hackers can launch an attack. That’s where Portnox comes in as it sells a cloud-based platform known as Portnox Clear to reduce this risk.

Portnox’s platform

Portnox’s platform can automatically detect devices that try to connect to a corporate network and collects the technical details of each system. IT teams can use the insights to identify pathways that could be used for cyberattacks.

If the platform identifies a vulnerability, the IT department can automate the resolution of such issues based on rules that specify how to handle incidents.

The data collected by Portnox about devices connected to the network helps admins create access rules intended to block unwanted access requests. An IT team can, for instance, create a set of security policies that manage traffic from workstations and another set to take care of sensors (IoT).

Cutting down on complexity and time

Portnox’s claim to fame in an industry that already has similar players is that it made its platform easier to use than its competitors. The initial setup process is cut down from months to days, according to the startup

Portnox emphasizes the ease of use, crediting it with the traction gained among midmarket enterprises.

The startup says that more than 1,000 companies have adopted the platform, with Databricks Inc. (valued at $38 billion in 2021) standing out as one of its most high-profile clients.