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Almost two-thirds of IT architects and managers believe their organization lacks security knowledge. This is concluded in a new survey by Telindus, Cisco and Conscia.

The confidence of small companies (up to 100 employees) is particularly low. In this segment, almost three-quarters of IT architects and managers find that their organization lacks security knowledge.

According to Telindus, the security policies of organizations are under pressure. Reasons differ for small and large organizations. Large organizations (100 employees or more) see the complexity of security solutions as a hindrance. Small organizations find limited security budgets to be the issue.

A lack of data insights recurs in both size groups. Almost half of all IT architects and managers feel that their organization’s infrastructure does not provide enough data insights. The main reason is a lack of qualified personnel. Telindus states that, as a result, organizations take longer to find vulnerabilities and respond to attacks.


IT architects and managers in smaller companies indicate that their organization is focusing on increasing security budgets in 2022. Large companies are focusing on concrete priorities, including raising awareness among employees and introducing measures against ransomware.

Tip: Don’t make cybersecurity the end user’s problem