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GitLab has introduced security improvements in its latest version to protect projects on the platform.

GitLab has put great focus on the security of their platform and has introduced improvements to their 14.8 version. Along with minor changes, GitLab has aimed to help secure the platform with added security protocols to ensure user data safety. The new update offers many security functionalities that can be used for the famous DevOps platform.

Security improvements

Security is becoming a necessity, and most experts believe that data security is a fundamental human right. The latest version allows the platform to support “ecdsa-sk” and “ed25519-sk” keys. These offer hardware-backed SSH authentication, allowing you to fortify your projects better. Furthermore, teams are given the option to customize their security testing processes for static applications, secret detection rules, and security analyzer upgrades within the GitLab Static Analysis module. GitLab SAST module was reworked to provide ratings based on the vulnerabilities in .NET projects.

To further their pursuit of providing maximum security, GitLab has introduced an index page where users can conduct on-demand security scans. This will allow you to detect all vulnerabilities within your project proactively. This index page also includes additional features such as the number of successful deployments within a date range, frequency of deployment, and the lead times in the CI/CD analytics.

GitLab Runner

GitLab has also introduced a new version of GitLab runner and put it into the open. This version also includes a naïve runner variant accessible on the Apple M1 soc. This new version has also drastically improved its security functionalities.

Security is becoming a growing concern for people all around the world. To fulfill this requirement, large platforms such as GitLab are focusing more on security improvements. We will soon see if these improvements have substantially impacted the platform.