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Cloudflare, CrowdStrike and Ping Identity established the joint Critical Infrastructure Defense Project to protect companies in strategic US industries free of charge.

According to Cloudflare, CrowdStrike and Ping Identity, it’s imperative for vendors to defend vulnerable industry sectors against state actors and other cybercriminals. The Critical Infrastructure Defense Project has been established as a first step. In short, the project aims to voluntarily improve the cybersecurity of companies within vulnerable strategic sectors.

To this end, the project offers a zero-trust model for securing network environments, endpoints and identity management. In addition, the project will provide vulnerable companies with threat intelligence on risks. The project focuses on companies and organizations that have an important task in the US public domain, such as hospitals and energy providers.

Free access

Project participants receive free access to the complete suite of Cloudflare zero trust solutions, CrowdStrike’s endpoint and intelligence services, and zero trust identity services from Ping Identity.

In addition, the partners are developing a step-by-step implementation roadmap for security measures. The roadmap should inform organizations of the steps to be taken towards a secure infrastructure.