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F-Secure introduces WithSecure brand for its corporate security business

F-Secure introduces WithSecure brand for its corporate security business

F-Secure announces the new brand name WithSecure. It’s the new name for the branch of F-Secure that focuses on enterprise security solutions. This will separate the products with a business focus from the consumer-oriented solutions.

In February, F-Secure announced it was splitting into two separate companies. This has to result in “increased customer focus and relevancy along with clarified value propositions” for both companies. F-Secure will continue to exist as a brand, but will now only offer security solutions and services for consumers. In turn, WithSecure will focus on security and research services for businesses.


Juhani Hintikka will lead WithSecure as CEO. In particular, he sees added value in a “co-security” approach. In other words, security challenges are tackled together. “Ultimately, all information security problems are complexity problems. By working together, we can approach security not only as a means of control. Instead, we can deploy technology and services that work in a business context and deliver proven results,” said Hintikka.

According to the CEO, “no one that puts their trust in WithSecure should experience a serious loss due to a cyber attack or crime. Our name is our promise”. For this, it relies on a combination of human expertise and technology to counter active attacks. Its portfolio includes endpoint protection, cloud content protection for Salesforce, managed detection and response (MDR) and consulting services.

The company sees its heritage as an advantage. “WithSecure enjoys an extensive network of partners, clients, and customers along with vast experience working with the information security community to solve today’s challenging and novel threats with a co-security mindset.”

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