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Material Security receives $100m on a unicorn valuation worth $1.1b

Material Security receives $100m on a unicorn valuation worth $1.1b

Material Security has fundraised around $100 million to extend and advance its products into new zones to expand internationally.

Elad Gill, Andreessen Horowitz, and other prestigious tech investors have collaborated with Founders Funds to lead the Series C round. The fundraising was carried out at a valuation worth $1.1 billion. So now, for the first time, Material Security has a unicorn status. In addition to this new funding, this company has raised approximately $165 million.

A network to secure email accounts

Material Security, established in 2017, prides itself as an innovator in leveraging ultimate safety methods to secure email. This platform protects serious messages without compromising productivity and flexibility by automatically identifying and dealing with sensitive email content.

Material Security’s platform provides a great collection of features, one of them being: account takeover protection. This feature restricts indirect account takeover through email by thwarting hackers from hijacking any other service.

Moreover, this feature adds a protective verification layer before providing access to reset passwords or any other crucial step.

Phishing “herd immunity” secures an account from the blocker’s email messages. Material’s Security accepts any single notice from an employee to confirm the entire company’s email immediately.

The features also offer control and visibility over email footprint. Moreover, Material surface’s foundational risk key factors also contain tools to “supercharge” examinations within seconds.

This service also provides compatibility with Google Workspace and Office 365 applications without influencing MX delivery and records in any manner.

Material Security has reported that it has encountered rapid growth among its clients, including Roblox Corp, Lyft Inc., Chubb Ltd, and Compass Group plc. Mars Inc., and Databricks Inc.

Ryan Noon, the co-founder and CEO of Material Security, stated that:

“The fundamental idea behind zero trust is that it assumes a bad actor is going to find a way past the perimeter into your systems.”

Ryan Noon further reported that whether a local care provider or a huge global organization has seen many data and email security breaches daily. He added:

“At Material, we begin with the assumption that a hacker is already in your email and limit the damage they can do.”