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Datadog’s portfolio now supports the OpenTelemetry Protocol and Kubernetes.

Datadog develops a platform for monitoring and securing cloud apps. The SaaS solution maps application performance and threats. The platform was recently updated to support the OpenTelemetry Protocol and Kubernetes. Datadog revealed the news at KubeCon 2022, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) annual conference.

OpenTelemetry Protocol

Firstly, the OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) is now supported in the Datadog Agent. OpenTelemetry is one of CNCF’s initiatives. The project consists of multiple APIs, SDKs and tools for collecting and sharing observability data. The standards are used by network equipment manufacturers, observability platform providers and software developers, including Datadog.

OTLP support has two advantages. First, OTLP can now be used to enrich Datadog’s platform with observability data. Second, the Datadog Agent is able to collect data and deliver it to third-party solutions through OTLP. For instance, an observability platform.


In addition, Datadog is launching several updates for monitoring Kubernetes environments. The new Datadog Operator for Kubernetes, Amazon EKS Blueprints add-on and Helm integration help deploy the Datadog Agent in Kubernetes. Upon deployment, the agent collects data on containerized applications. Kubernetes pod metrics are presented via Service Pages in the Datadog Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution.

Cloud Security Posture Management and Cloud Workload Security, two existing solutions, were updated to support Kubernetes as well. Customers can opt for alerts on misconfigurations in containerized apps and cyberattacks on Kubernetes environments.

“Kubernetes is the most widely used container orchestration platform among our customers”, said Yrieix Garnier, VP of Product at Datadog. “The updates allows Datadog to keep them secure while scaling their environments.”

As mentioned earlier, Datadog revealed the updates at KubeCon 2022. Techzine is on location in Valencia, Spain. Check out this page for an overview of the most important news.