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Rubrik introduced Rubrik Security Cloud, a solution for data security and ransomware protection across on-premises, cloud and SaaS workloads.

Ransomware is as damaging as it is prevalent. It remains the largest form of malware. The average cost of an attack is on the rise, as is the number of victims. Investments in infrastructure are insufficient to counter attackers. Data security is a priority as well, says Rubrik.

Rubrik develops storage technology. Some of its offerings enable customers to make secure backups and keep applications running. Other solutions help monitor data and find vulnerabilities. The most recent introduction is Rubrik Security Cloud, a solution for securing on-premises, cloud and SaaS workloads.

Rubrik Security Cloud

Rubrik Security Cloud secures workloads with three cornerstones: Data Resilience, Data Observability and Data Recovery.

Data Resilience allows important data to be stored in air-gapped environments. Access is managed through multi-factor authentication-based measures. The environment is separated from a regular network. Even if an attacker manages to get into a network, important data remains inaccessible. The air-gapped environment is an excellent location for important backups.

Data Observability scans data to find threats and risks. Notable changes in data are recognized with machine learning, exposing attackers in the process. Critical data is automatically found and highlighted. This allows an organization to focus security measures on the locations and data that matter.

Data Recovery swings into action as soon as malware surfaces. The technology quarantines malware and restores encrypted or corrupted data. Access to infected data is automatically restricted to ensure that recovery processes run smoothly.

Data Security Command Center

In addition to the new solution, Rubrik introduced the Data Security Command Center. The Data Security Command Center assesses whether and when customer data is safe to access following an attack. Customers receive advice on stronger security measures, as well as insight into data at risk.

“Every business is vulnerable because cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated and smarter every day”, said Bipul Sinha, CEO and co-founder of Rubrik. “With Rubrik Security Cloud, we are strengthening our customers’ defences so that they can secure their business across enterprise, cloud and SaaS workloads. Our data security platform enables our customers to protect their data, recover quickly and prevail in this new cyber landscape.”

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