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Nasuni recently introduced Nasuni Ransomware Protection. The solution protects unstructured file data against ransomware attacks.

Nasuni wants to better protect unstructured data against the risks of ransomware attacks. Nasuni Ransomware Protection provides ‘inline’ ransomware edge detection functionality for file data.


According to Nasuni, traditional backup solutions are inadequate for defending against ransomware. Its new service offers both ransomware detection and recovery capabilities. Security teams can discover the source of attacks with relatively little time and resources. The solution centralizes and scans files. This enables real-time detection of attacks at every location generating data, including the furthest edges of a network. Scanning capabilities can be scaled to hundreds of edge locations to protect petabytes of data.

Cloud object storage and immutable snapshots

Nasuni’s architecture uses cloud object storage, which allows customers to store an unlimited number of untouchable snapshots. These snapshots can be kept for as long as necessary. This should significantly reduce the time needed to recover from a ransomware attack — including tracking down the attack’s source.

Nasuni Ransomware Protection is an add-on service for the Nasuni File Data Platform. The latest platform release also includes the Nasuni Dashboards tool, which provides prebuilt dashboards for platform performance management.

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