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Noname Security releases version 3.0 of its API Security Platform. With the new version, so-called AppSec specialists are able to secure their APIs easier, faster and more flexible.

API security is becoming an important point of attention for more and more companies. Especially since the number of APIs that companies use is increasing rapidly. With its API Security Platform, Noname Security ensures that customers can secure APIs in any environment, business sector and for all laws and regulations.

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API Security Platform 3.0

Noname Security always wants to keep its platform ahead of hackers, so version 3.0 of the API Security Platform was recently presented. The most important development is that the platform now provides more insight with local control possibilities. The platform enables customers to better identify problems and patterns in different regions, without the problems of data traffic and the complexity of the environments.

In addition, version 3.0 brings improved platform architecture and navigation capabilities for real-time visibility and management of both active and dormant APIs. Also, using the platform, customers can now comply with various privacy laws and regulations in all regions, including PCI-DSS, PII, data residency and other requirements.

Also, the Noname API Security Platform 3.0 enables all actions to be performed directly through an API. This makes it possible to integrate all security options directly into existing processes and workflows.

Other functionality

Further added functionality includes rapid discovery, coverage for multiple environments, a high-performance user interface, automated or customized grouping based on application, business unit, functional capabilities or other characteristics for optimizing efficiency.

Other new functionality of Noname Security’s platform includes automation through integration with various ITSM tools, standard Syslog export, an optimised AWS Load Balancer log, and increased business control functionality with flexible role-based access and audit log inspection capabilities.

Noname Security’s API Security Platform 3.0 is available immediately.

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