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Palo Alto Networks updates Prisma Cloud

Palo Alto Networks updates Prisma Cloud

Palo Alto Networks recently updated Prisma Cloud, its cloud-based security platform. The capabilities focus on discovering vulnerabilities and suspicious activity in cloud environments.

According to the security vendor, the functionality should help companies gain greater visibility into applications, infrastructure, workloads and identities in cloud environments.

Out-of-band scanning

The latest release improves inline scanning. The method involves redirecting traffic between two applications through a security solution that analyzes traffic for possible breaches. The method isn’t always convenient for cloud environments, as it slows down the speed of traffic and thus affects application performance.

Palo Alto Networks bridges the problem by introducing out-of-band scanning. With this tool, application traffic no longer needs to be redirected via a security solution. The tool copies traffic and scans the copy. As a result, the live data exchange between applications is unaffected.

Other functionality

Palo Alto also introduced a machine learning tool for discovering malicious DNS traffic. Furthermore, ‘Multi-Cloud Graph View for CIEM’ allows users to map accounts and assets that have unnecessary privileges. Prisma Cloud provides a graph of the privileges across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Finally, Prisma Cloud includes new MITRE ATT&CK data for prioritizing threats. Thereby, users can more easily determine the most important vulnerabilities and risks. The new version of Prisma Cloud is available immediately.