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QNAP launches ADRA Network Detection and Response (NDR), a software solution for ransomware prevention. The software runs on the QGD-1600P and QGD-1602P, two existing network switches. ADRA NDR allows the switches to recognize and block ransomware.

QNAP provides NAS devices, network switches and routers. Most products have integrated security measures. QNAP rarely launches standalone security licenses. The introduction of ADRA NDR is a big step.

The security software is available separately for the QGD-1600P and QGD-1602P, two existing network switches. “Installing ADRA NDR software allows users to convert QGD switches to cyber security appliances”, said QNAP Product Manager Frank Liao. QNAP designed ADRA NDR to recognize and block ransomware.

From switch to security appliance

The QGD-1600P and QGD-1602P were launched in 2019 and 2020, respectively. QNAP positioned each device as a switch. Both models offer GbE and PoE ports for network, storage and PoE devices. The software and network traffic of connected devices can be managed with a central interface.

ADRA NDR extends the functionality of both switches. The software allows the switches to recognize ransomware. ADRA NDR analyzes suspicious network traffic and calculates a risk score. Severe incidents are automatically blocked.

ADRA NDR does not replace network configurations. Organizations can install the software without disrupting the infrastructure. ADRA NDR is an extension, not a replacement. The traffic of connected devices is screened upon installation. The software supports both QNAP and third-party devices.


Ransomware is a growing problem for QNAP. Organizations with NAS devices and vulnerable configurations are lucrative targets for ransomware groups. In January 2022, security researchers analyzed 130,000 QNAP devices. 5,000 devices were found to be infected with malware. Last month, QNAP warned of a spike in Checkmate ransomware attacks.

QNAP claims ADRA NDR was developed based on its practical experience. The software is a strong security option for customers that manage storage devices with the QGD-1600P and QGD-1602P. ADRA NDR is now available through a separate license.