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JumpCloud launches password manager for MSPs

JumpCloud launches password manager for MSPs

JumpCloud launched a password manager for IT administrators and managed service providers.

JumpCloud develops identity, access and device management software. Each solution runs on the Open Directory Platform, a central environment for IT administrators and managed service providers (MSPs). The platform was recently expanded with the JumpCloud Password Manager.

JumpCloud Password Manager

The solution allows organizations to manage a password manager for end users. The password manager provides a secure storage environment for end-user login credentials.

Passwords, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) are managable in a central dashboard. “Teams can improve their security posture by eliminating the human factor from password management”, the organization said.

There are various password managers available. 1Password, LastPass and Bitwarden are popular examples. JumpCloud’s password manager doesn’t directly compete with the current offering. The solution was designed for customers who work or want to work with multiple modules of the Open Directory Platform.

No master password

Some password managers depend on a master password. End users receive the master password to access all stored passwords. JumpCloud has an alternative approach.

End users don’t need to remember or store a master password. instead, The passwords of an end user are locally stored on his or her device. JumpCloud’s servers synchronize the passwords of all user devices with the user’s account. The servers are encrypted and secured.

JumpCloud Password Manager is available in early access immediately. General availability follows later this year.

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