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Tanium and Microsoft are launching joint security integrations. The collaboration focuses on integrating Microsoft Sentinel into the Tanium XEM platform.

The integration allows Tanium’s real-time endpoint data to be accessed through the Microsoft Sentinel console. As a result, companies can automate threat detection, investigation, prioritization and incident response at scale.

The integration also improves Microsoft Sentinel’s advanced analytics and security capabilities by reducing the number of false positives. This should help security professionals discover vulnerabilities that might otherwise be missed.

In addition, the integration improves threat hunting. Real-time endpoint data from Tanium’s platform allows security professionals to analyze an entire IT environment through alerts from both Microsoft and Tanium. Instead of relying on outdated data due to latency issues, professionals can use real-time data streams.

Furthermore, the integration allows security professionals to immediately respond to alerts as they are issued. Think of quarantining devices, deploying patches and updating software. This allows specialists to proactively, predictively and automatically manage an IT stack.

Monitoring Microsoft solutions

The integration of both security environments lets Microsoft customers monitor the tech giant’s solutions, ensuring availability and uptime. Tanium’s real-time distributed architecture ensures that the tech giant’s services are deployed, up-to-date and validated on all endpoints.

The integration is available immediately on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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