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Microsoft launches the AI Business School

Microsoft launches the AI Business School

Microsoft today launched the AI Business School. It consists of a series of case studies and free instruction videos to help companies successfully design and implement an AI strategy. The Microsoft AI Business School stems from three years of conversations with customers.

Earlier, Microsoft launched an AI School for Developers and an ‘ordinary’ AI School. Discussions with companies showed that there was also a need for a business variant. It follows the same approaches as similar instruction guides as Andrew Ng’s AI Transformation Playbook. Nevertheless, the AI Business School distinguishes itself from the rest in an important area.

Four focus areas

The main distinguishing factor is that the AI Business School was built on three years of conversations Microsoft had with its customers about implementing artificial intelligence. In addition, the company also has the necessary experience in implementing and building AI solutions. According to vice president of AI marketing and productization Mitra Azizirad, who spoke with the site Venture Beat, that is the main distinguishing factor.

The content of the courses focuses on four areas: strategy, culture, basic technology and responsible use of AI. The courses also include special tools that allow companies to assess to what extent there is the necessary internal knowledge to successfully implement AI.

A lot has been said about AI and the transformation that so many jobs in the technical world, in the office and in other sectors will go through, but you don’t hear much about the kind of transformation that is really needed, says Azizirad. The AI Business School was born from the idea of helping business leaders to shape the AI transformation within their company, but also to redesign their role as leaders.

Incidentally, the AI Business School follows just a week after Microsoft in the United States and in Europe published research on why companies want to implement AI. When deploying AI in their company, managers seem to want to motivate and inspire their staff in particular.

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