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Microsoft has released the first preview edition of Windows 11

Microsoft has released the first preview edition of Windows 11

Less than a week after the official launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has released the first insider preview edition of Windows 11 and has teased that a full release could be coming in October. News that Microsoft was working on a new version of Windows came out of the blueS earlier this June.

Some screenshots leaked showing that Microsoft had no intention of updating Windows 10 and planned to replace it instead.

Windows 10 came out in 2015 and was said by some at the software giant, to be the last version of Windows we’d ever get.

The Windows we’ll probably never get

Windows 11 is an enhancement of work Microsoft started in 2019 on a simplified version of Windows called Windows 10X. Eventually, work on Windows 10X stalled and was abandoned in May. Though Windows 10X may never reach the market, many of the design features it had are in Windows 11.

The first Windows 11 Insider Preview Build (Build 22000.51) has been released on the Microsoft Dev Channel for developers to try. Many of the features, but not all, are included in the release.

In a blog post to the Windows Insider Blog, the new user interface is put front and center.

Gushing descriptions

There seems to be something that most people agree on concerning the Windows 11 release. Descriptions by first users are calling it beautiful, fresh, calming, with sounds that make it feel like a tropical beach holiday than an operating system.

The corners are rounded on the interface with content centered instead of pushed to the left by default. There are new animation features and new visual designs to experience across multiple areas of the OS.

The start button and taskbar have been revamped as well, to give it a more refined and user-friendly feel.