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Microsoft has added new models to its Surface product line. Techzine received one of them: the new Surface Pro 7 2-in-1 business PC. This is a distant descendant of the iconic Surface RT with which Microsoft conquered the tablet market in 2012. Microsoft has designed this new Surface Pro 7 based on three important pillars: beautiful and functional design, high user comfort and maximum security. Time for a critical look at this latest Surface descendant.

The tablet PC was introduced in the 21st century. No, it wasn’t Apple that introduced the first tablet PC with its iPad. Although there were already several manufacturers who had developed their own PDA, tablet or slate, these were never really succesful because of various factors. In 2001, Microsoft introduced its specifications for pen-enabled personal computers and its Windows XP tablet PC Edition. This was followed by many Windows based tablet systems that proved extremely interesting for the business world due to their compatibility and functionality. With this, Microsoft once again set an important standard. In the area of tablets, Microsoft has, despite the fact that they did not deliver the hardware at that time, still a ‘first’ behind its name.

Although Microsoft drew up clear guidelines for pen-controlled computer systems in 2001, software runs best when the technology is also developed in-house. In the third quarter of 2012, software giant Microsoft makes the first steps as a manufacturer of pen-controlled PCs. With its beautiful Microsoft Surface product line, Microsoft shows the world how the manufacturer from Redmond sees the role of the PC in the existing IT landscape. How this has been received is now obvious. In the year 2020, Microsoft has become an indispensable manufacturer of both software and hardware.