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Over the decades organisations adapted to a data-driven era. We’ve seen the rise of cloud technology as we learned that all data didn’t need to be locked on-premises. We saw the rise of analytics as big data became the rage. Broadband, Wi-Fi and 4G technologies made it easier to move and access data at high speeds and in large quantities. But in a decade since big data became a mainstream topic, there has been more promise than achievement, more challenge than realised opportunity.

Six technologies – 5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence/machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain and edge computing – are now emerging as drives of a new data evolution. Companies have to switch from legacy systems to systems and structures that can handle the sheer volume and unguessed potential of data. This way they will be able to use data to optimize performance, improve service delivery and identify new market opportunities.

However, 86% of the organisations are not prepared for the coming data wave. Among those whose organisations are not prepared for the data wave, only 8% are very confident that they will prepare in time. 14% of the organisations are prepared for the coming data wave.

To thrive in the new data age, every organisation needs a complete view of its data – real-time insight with the ability to take real-time action. In a whitepaper by Splunk, which you can download by filling in this form, you will discover how to be prepared for the coming data wave.