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These days, companies deal with more data than ever. This data has become a superpower, as it comes with many opportunities. At the same time, it comes with new major security risks. By having a clear picture of what you can do about it and what will happen in the coming months, your company becomes more secure.

For several cybersecurity teams, 2020 was a big challenge. The IT landscape of companies was changing rapidly, creating new risks and vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals were looking for ways to take advantage of the changing IT landscape. Many security tools also picked up more alarming signals, which were then acted upon.

These changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic are not over yet. IT projects are still being rolled out at an accelerated pace. This includes new processes and situations, but also a new wave of data. Security professionals are responding to this by also making remote working more secure, for example.

To secure work and data in 2021, it is important to know what the best investments will be this year. In the white paper that can be downloaded below, you will discover what new models and practices will be important.