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In the security world, several experts recommend assuming that your company has been or will be hacked. This line of thinking makes an organization place a higher priority on making systems and business environments more secure. A company then takes more steps before a hack actually occurs, adapting to reality.

In a series of video conversations with Gøran Tømte, Field Security Responsible, Rubrik X for Germany and Northern Europe, we looked for what a company can do to secure data, and to ensure organizational continuity. A good starting point is the assumption that your company will be hacked. If you do the opposite, it will in all likelihood have disastrous consequences.

The assumption is part of an overall approach that companies ideally take. Thus, in the first video, we discussed the changes within the cyber threat landscape, then went into what your company can do to prevent a cyber attack. In this third video, we expand on the previous topics and conclude the series.

The following questions and topics are covered in our conversation:

Q: What should you do to prepare?

Q: How do you set up a crisis team?

Q: Expect chaos. What to do?

Q: The responsibilities of management during a ransomware attack.

Q: How quickly are you able to act?

Q: How can you be as proactive as possible?

Q: Alerts are there to protect you. Take action, be responsible and pay attention.