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Cyber attacks are very frequent today and can cause a lot of damage. It is therefore wise to take measures to mitigate risk and respond to malware. What can your organization do?

Rubrik provides backup and recovery services and is very concerned with achieving business continuity through a good data security strategy. In a series of videos, we speak with Gøran Tømte, Field Security Responsible, Rubrik X for Germany and Northern Europe, to gain insight into what an organization can do to be better prepared for the often inevitable cyber attack.

In the first video, we talk specifically about changes within the cyber threat landscape. Because of that more sophisticated landscape, ransomware, for example, is very successful. If your company falls victim to such an attack, the organization could be shut down for an extended period of time. You want to avoid such a disaster scenario. Therefore, a crucial question is how to prepare your organization for an attack.

This is precisely the topic we discuss with Gøran Tømte. The following questions and topics will be discussed:

Q: Where do you stand as an organization? Cloud, on-premises and SaaS.

Q: What do the results of this analysis mean for your strategy?

Q: Backups have not been fully utilized to date. Do more with that.

Q: You need more intelligence and scale.

Q: How do you ensure you stay secure?

Q: The importance of risk assessment: confidentiality, availability and integrity.