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Quantexa recently acquired Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI player Aylien. Through the acquisition, Quantexa aims to expand the capabilities of its Decision Intelligence Platform. It should also expand its market reach.

The acquisition of Aylien, of which no financial details were disclosed, should expand the functionality of the Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform. Above all, the technology it acquires should make it easier for customers to add unstructured and structured data to their decision processes and automate them.

Reliable insights for risk analysis

The joint solutions should enable companies to set up reliable streams of insights in real time on which they can take action. Risk and compliance teams in particular can benefit and discover new sources of growth, Quantexa says.

With the tooling, teams can proactively monitor the entire risk landscape so that they are always one step ahead of potential risks. This includes keeping an eye on ESG targets, as well as third-party vendors, possible reputation issues and work beyond traditional compliance and auditing.

Aylien’s solutions

Aylien’s solutions help collect, analyze and understand unstructured data from texts. For this purpose, the NLP and AI player markets the News API for building applications with added multilingual content. This content data is collected from more than 80,000 trusted sources from the Internet, traditional media and subscriptions to news services.

The acquired company also offers an application for analysts. This application allows them to proactively identify, research and monitor news data. This for analyzing business risks and opportunities.

Other opportunities

Qauntexa’s acquisition of Aylien is the first since the company managed to raise $153 million in a Series D round in late 2021 from venture capitalist Warburg Pincus and other investors.

In addition to bringing more technology features, the acquisition should allow the company to grow in the text analytics and decision intelligence markets, respectively. It should also make it possible to bring Quantexa’s solutions and applications to multiple vertical market segments.

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