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ThoughtSpot is bringing its analytics platform to the Google Cloud public cloud environment. The parties are entering into a new partnership and offering new integrations.

Within the collaboration, ThoughtSpot’s data analytics platform will now run native on the Google Cloud Platform. This will make it possible to take the functionality of the analyticspltaform from the public cloud environment, as well as combine it with different Google Cloud solutions. This should give users more options.

In addition, the arrival of the ThoughtSpot platform to the public cloud environment creates new ways for customers to acquire the platform.

Integrations with Google Cloud

An important part of the collaboration is the integration of the analytics platform with various Google Cloud tools. In particular, this involves integrations with Google Looker Modeler and Google Connected Sheets.

In the former, customers will soon be able to model, transform and define metrics in their data via Looker’s Semantic Model and Looker Modeler. Through the ThoughtSpot platform, data analysts can further penetrate the data, including through natural language search queries, built-in business monitoring and anomaly detection. They can also create interactive Liveboards that provide more information than static dashboards.

The integration between the ThoughtSpot platform and Google Connected Sheets, via ThoughtSpot Sheets Analytics, now allows users to apply large language models (LLMs) to data in Google Big Query and Google Looker. With these, customers can then create and use AI-generated insights.

New marketing methods

In addition to integrating the technology, ThoughtSpot’s arrival to Google Cloud should also provide new outlets.

The SaaS solution will become available in the Google Cloud Marketplace, BigQuery Partner Center and the Google Workspace Marketplace environment over the course of this year. This offers customers multiple opportunities to experience, purchase and deploy the combined solutions.

The partnership with Google Cloud is part of ThoughtSpot’s strategy to offer its products and services more via the cloud. For example, the vendor has been working with AWS for some time. There is also a close collaboration with Snowflake, the company that invested another $20 million in ThoughtSpot in 2021.

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