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Microsoft introduces LinkedIn course on AI with focus on Bing Chat

Microsoft introduces LinkedIn course on AI with focus on Bing Chat

Microsoft’s new AI Skills Initiative includes online classes on AI. LinkedIn users can learn about AI through the initiative and earn certification for the knowledge they gain.

AI is penetrating many jobs, but workers with a degree in this technology will be a few years away. Through LinkedIn, you can now brush up on your knowledge and obtain a certificate in advance after completing an online course.

Learning about Bing Chat

Microsoft is trying to educate companies, educational institutions and governments about AI technology. For this reason, the AI Skill Initiative was created. The classes are offered through the social media platform LinkedIn, which is part of Microsoft. The lessons reflect the connection between the two companies as an entire chapter is devoted to Bing Chat, the AI chat assistant of Microsft’s search engine Bing.

The lessons deal with five topics. First, you look at what generative AI is, and then how to use it. So the third topic is completely Microsoft-focused and looks at how Bing Chat can simplify your job.

Tip: By only supporting Bing, ChatGPT risks making more errors

Then there is a chapter around the ethical use of AI and the closing is done contradictorily with an introduction to the broader concept of artificial intelligence.

Free lessons

The course material is available through LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform. There you will find the “Career Essentials in Generative AI” program now. Until 2025, the classes are also free to take.

Currently, the classes are only available in English. In a few months, the course will be available in several languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese and Japanese.