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Salesforce injects generative AI into the workplace

Salesforce injects generative AI into the workplace

Salesforce is launching AI Cloud, bringing generative AI to every employee. The technology integrates into key Salesforce products. In addition, AI Cloud provides a solution to trust generative AI with sensitive information.

At the heart of the new AI Cloud we find Einstein with its AI models specifically applicable to the CRM market. By using AI, customers are better served, fewer errors are made and more use is made of data present within the organization.

Einstein helps employees from sales, service, marketing and commerce, by adding generative AI to key Salesforce products. These include Data Cloud, Tableau, Flow and MuleSoft.

With generative AI in Salesforce, sales quickly write a personalized response to a customer query. Marketing creates content in different formats which engage customers in no time. In addition, they can prompt a specific customer with personalized experiences in every part of the buyer’s journey. Developers, in turn, get a powerful tool to generate and restore code.

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While generative AI requires no more than writing a clear prompt, Salesforce wants to simplify that task as well. Optimized prompts should ensure that the data generated always fits the business context.

Personal information and AI

Furthermore, in the new product, Salesforce offers a solution for properly handling sensitive information in AI. This is an issue for 60 percent of employees, according to the survey Salesforce published together with the product announcements.

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Einstein GPT Trust Layer prevents large language models (LLM) from ingesting customer information. Further, it helps integrate other relevant LLM and can be relied upon to stay in compliance with regulations surrounding data regulations.

Integrated third-party LLM’s are protected for this purpose through a collaboration between Salesforce and OpenAI. The parties combine OpenAI’s Enterprise API capable of moderation, with the Einsteint GPT Trust Layer, to keep data within the Salesforce environment.

Companies that are experimenting with LLM’s themselves can integrate their own models. Data storage will then take place in the company’s infrastructure.

Rollout complete in 2024

The full AI Cloud package has an annual subscription starting at $360,000. In return, you get nine helping AI models and the security model.

The Einstein GPT Trust Layer, Service GPT and Apex GPT (pilot), will be available this month. Marketing GPT will also be made available as a pilot version in June, but the official rollout will continue in February 2024.

Sales GPT and Commerce GPT will be added next month. Flow GPT, Slack GPT and Tableau GPT will be available as pilot versions later in the year.