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‘Apple tests Apple GPT’

‘Apple tests Apple GPT’

Apple is reportedly developing generative AI tools. Some engineers are talking about Apple GPT in the process.

So writes Bloomberg based on sources. For now, there is no market strategy to bring the technology to end users. Apple has been remarkably quiet in the recent generative AI hype. CEO Tim Cook is said to have indicated that Apple is looking into this, but that developments should be applied with caution. For example, he would like the industry to develop more security measures around generative AI.

LLM model Ajax

There may be a change in the tech giant’s stance. Apple would feel pressure from the other generative AI tools on the market, like ChatGPT, Bard and Bing AI. Apple would also realize that the rise of generative AI is going to substantially change the way people will soon communicate with their mobile devices.

Meanwhile, Apple is therefore working more intensively on its own generative AI tooling. The basis of this is its own LLM model, Ajax. This LLM model was developed last year to bring together all machine learning developments within Apple. Ajax is built on the machine learning framework Google Jax and runs in Google Cloud, writes the news site.

The Apple-proprietary LLM model is said to have already brought improvements to search, Siri and Apple Maps. In addition, Ajax would be used to develop larger LLM models to form the basis for the internal intelligent chat tool also developed.

Generative AI chat tool

This internal ChatGPT-like chat tool was also developed late last year, but was initially rolled out to employees on a limited basis for security reasons. The tool has since become available to more employees, but does not generate responses that can be used to develop functionality for end customers, according to Bloomberg. The tool is available internally as a Web application and not suitable for consumer use.

The generative chat tool is used for product prototyping and summarizing text. The tool also answers questions based on data it has been trained with. According to employees, the tool is actually a replica of Bard, ChatGPT or Bing AI and has no new functionality or technology.

No market strategy

Apple has no clear plans yet on how it will ultimately market its generative AI tools, the news site states. The tech giant is reportedly still looking at a proper market strategy.

Possible applications of the proprietary Ajax LLM model and a possible generative AI chat solution include for Siri, but also in new health applications for the Apple Watch or in electric vehicles.

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