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Nutanix announces the new AI solution Nutantix GPT-in-a-box. The tool should make it easier for companies to introduce generative AI into the workplace.

Nutanix GPT-in-a-box is a new tool from Nutanix to help companies get started implementing AI and machine learning (ML). Notably, the tool allows companies to maintain full control over their data.

The new platform’s essential goal is to help define hardware and software infrastructure suitable for running AI and ML on. To do this, the platform can rely on the capabilities of open-source AI and MLOps frameworks from the Nutanix Cloud Platform.

Is there interest from enterprises?

The tool focuses on implementing generative AI in the workplace, but many enterprises are likely to ignore the tool. Indeed, generative AI was found to be banned in three-quarters of organizations, according to an earlier survey. There are two concerns about generative AI tools that trigger the ban. Many focus on the risk of using unsecured apps, while others fear that company secrets will leak.

Nutanix recognizes these fears. The tool, therefore, puts data management in the company’s hands but also adds (data)security capabilities to the platform.

According to the company, many organizations additionally struggle with questions about how best to support ML administrators and data scientists. To that end, Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box provides turnkey AI infrastructure for the edge or core data center.

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