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AWS wants to train 2 million people as AI specialists by 2025. To this end, Amazon has presented the free AI Ready training program. The program targets people without any programming experience, as well as developers.

With the AI Ready program, AWS wants to ensure that more people have AI skills. This, in the eyes of the public cloud giant, will make it possible to really get the potential out of the “most evolving” technology, as AWS describes AI. This means that training must be provided for this purpose.

Non-technical target audience

The free AWS AI Ready program offers eight different training courses. Business and interested individuals without programming experience can take three AI courses. A first course for this target group is an introduction to generative AI. In it, they learn the basics of generative AI and general use applications for it.

A second course is more advanced and teaches executives how to plan generative AI projects. The third more advanced training provides an introduction to AWS CodeWhisperer. This allows software to be written based on prompts.

AWS courses for developers

The other five courses offered by AWS within the AI Ready program are aimed at current developers. Three of these courses specifically target AWS producers; Amazon Bedrock, the tech giant’s suite of managed AI models, the Amazon Transcribe transcription service and Amazon SageMaker, which allows software teams to build, run and deploy neural networks.

In addition, two training courses within the AI Ready program are available for developers without too much programming knowledge. One course focuses specifically on prompt engineering. The other primarily teaches engineers how to prepare training data, build AI models and deploy them using AWS’ low-code development tools.

Most of these eight courses also provide materials that teach participants how to use AWS AI services.

Two grant initiatives

In addition to the new free training courses, AWS also offers two education programs within its AI Ready training program. These two, in the form of grants, are offered in partnership with online learning provider Udacity and the nonprofit organization Code.org.

The new courses and grants complement the existing AWS AI training program with more than 80 AI courses.

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