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Google makes €25 million available for AI training in Europe

Google makes €25 million available for AI training in Europe

By introducing the AI Opportunity Initiative, Google wants to help reduce the shortage of AI knowledge and specialists in Europe.

The new initiative makes €25 million available to train Europeans on AI skills. Particularly vulnerable and unsupported communities should benefit from the money. Of the amount, €10 million has been set aside to train employees with the skills they need to avoid falling behind.

Google’s AI Opportunity Fund will work with the Center for Public Impact to select applications from social enterprises, workplaces and other nonprofit organizations. The selected companies and organizations will receive support and associated facilities for direct training in foundational AI. They also receive grants to facilitate surrounding support, such as childcare and salary offsets. The idea is that this should remove obstacles to attending these trainings.

Startups and other interested parties

In addition, the AI Opportunity Initiative for startups is introducing a new series of Google for Startups Growth Academies across the EMEA region. These programs should help (AI) startups develop various healthcare, education and cybersecurity solutions.

This includes growing their end users, scaling operations and growing globally using Google’s products, best practices and connections with experts. The Growth Academy: AI for Health is now open for applications.

Finally, the program introduces free AI foundational training for anyone who wants them. Available in 18 languages, these trainings offer a series of introductory AI skills modules to help people in their daily activities. It allows companies to gain more practical skills and knowledge.

Additional resources are being added to the existing Google Career Certificates program. These are three- to six-month courses in which participants learn how professionals in their fields apply AI while being able to use hands-on AI in their work scenarios.

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