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With the beta of Einstein Copilot and the new AI in Pulse, data visualization should become easier for business users and IT professionals.

Tableau announced this at the Tableau Conference 2024. Einstein Copilot helps data professionals and employees less versed in data via prompts. For example, it can perform the following task: “look through product reviews and help me determine which ones are the most positive.” Then Einstein Copilot guides users through the steps for preparing the data for analysis.

There is also the option to use Einstein Copilot for Tableau Catalog to automatically create data descriptions. This makes it easier for users to find and explore data sources. Tableau shares the example of a hospital employee clicking “Draft with Einstein” for data on a particular topic. Then, the AI assistant retrieves a detailed description of the data using the metadata and field names.

Einstein Copilot should be available this summer.


Pulse, another major innovation at the Tableau Conference, became available earlier this year. This product delivers easy-to-understand insights and data visualizations by identifying and delivering insights based on a user’s personalized KPIs. They get the insights delivered via email, Slack or phone.

An update gives Pulse “Ask” Q&A, which should again simplify further data exploration a bit. For example, a marketing manager can ask “which market contributes the most to lead gen in my campaign?” Pulse then instantly delivers insights on preferred channels (chat, email, phone).

On the other hand, Pulse gets Metrics Bootstrapping, a feature that allows users working in a Tableau dashboard to store their calculations in Tableau’s Metrics layer. This allows them to track and monitor information over time. Based on this data, Pulse will then proactively generate and convey insights to the user. Metric Goals can also be added, allowing users to compare progress against a benchmark or goal.

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