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The beta release of Einstein Copilot for Tableau is now available. Users in all kinds of roles can receive AI help to dig into data.

Data analysts typically act as interpreters within an organization. A report or dashboard transforms data into a manageable shape for others to gain insights. Within the Salesforce platform, Tableau serves to perform this task. But what if your question is not answered at all by the information analysts present through Tableau?

AI comes to the rescue

Salesforce is deploying Einstein Copilot for Tableau to help data laypeople find their way around analytics. Users can ask questions or give commands to the AI assistant in plain language. This is one step closer to the desire to be a data-driven enterprise, as insight into data is democratized. Salesforce notes that 83 percent of all CEOs want to take said data-driven path, but only 30 percent of all employees actually base their decision-making on data analytics.

Een screenshot van een computerinterface met data-analysesoftware met een staafdiagram dat de distributie van de productverkoop weergeeft.
Source: Salesforce

The new AI assistance should benefit both data analysts and other employees within an organization. After all, colleagues need to receive fewer updates from analysts, while the latter group of employees can focus on more complex tasks than writing a report.

Suggestions galore

The offering might still sound a little abstract. What questions do you even want to ask in the first place? A feature from Einstein Copilot for Tableau plays into that: Recommended Questions pushes users in the right mindset already. The Salesforce example is a question a sales representative might want the answer to: “Are there any sales patterns across product categories?”. Once you start firing questions, you can build on them to get more specific answers.

Einstein Copilot for Tableau is one of many applications within Salesforce that uses AI. It is the next example of the CRM player’s ever-expanding AI package, which we recently delved into. The promise has long been to add Einstein to all Salesforce applications, including the ability to train the AI assistant on proprietary data for better results. Through the Einstein Trust Layer, all Einstein-powered applications should operate securely.

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