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Knowledge 2024, ServiceNow’s annual conference, is pretty much all about AI. Most of the announcements ServiceNow makes this week are based on AI. Whether it’s new features or partner collaborations, AI is at the heart of everything. Now Assist, ServiceNow’s alternative to Copilot, should be available everywhere.

Bill McDermott, ServicNow’s CEO, is convinced that genAI will change the world. He expects 70% of jobs to change within three years with the advent of AI. ServiceNow has the Now platform and has the potential to facilitate a lot of innovation around AI. Many enterprise organizations are already using ServiceNow. They use it on a daily basis as a single pane of glass for many of their business applications. Now ServiceNow is adding a complete AI portfolio to that. Now Assist, the Copilot of ServiceNow, should be available everywhere.

Today, ServiceNow announced that Now Assist will also be available within Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM). This will allow users to make even better strategic decisions based on the information within SPM.

ServiceNow opts for an open approach

ServiceNow does not let itself be pinned down by exclusively choosing certain AI models. It takes an open approach and allows customers to bring their own models within the Now platform. ServiceNow also develops its own models to make a difference within certain industries.

Playbook generation and app generation

At Knowledge, ServiceNow presented several new AI solutions. Among other things, it introduced Playbook generation and App generation. These new tools allow developers to develop low-code apps and workflows quickly. The AI generates the basics, and through low-code/no-code, the applications and workflows can be perfected and completed as needed. According to ServiceNow, users will save many hours, as these new tools can generate the most complex workflows and applications.

Een interface voor het genereren van digitale draaiboeken, weergegeven op een tablet, met formuliervelden en een tool voor het maken van stroomdiagrammen op een gesplitste schermindeling.

Knowledge base article generation

One of the most tedious tasks is also automated with AI, through Knowledge base article generation. Employees no longer have to write a complete knowledge base article by themselves. It can now use AI to generate an article based on new applications, workflows or tickets.

Service Catalog item generation

Service Catalog items can now also be generated using AI. This is very useful for processes where forms need to be created. For example, if someone wants to request a new laptop, the AI can immediately generate a complete form where the employee can fill in what demands the device must comply with. A user can specify what the service catalog item should look like through text, and then the catalog item, including the description and the required questions, is generated.

Een screenshot van een tablet met een software-interface met de titel "now assist" voor het genereren van artikelcatalogusbeschrijvingen.

Prompt management

Of course, prompt management cannot be missing from the platform. It is currently only available in Now Assist for IT Service Management but will eventually become more widely available. Using a no-code editor, ServiceNow administrators can easily improve prompts, provide additional information, and supplement them where necessary.

Een screenshot van de interface "promptbeheer" op het servicenow ai-platform, met functies voor het maken en beheren van ai-prompts.

More on the way

These are the main new announcements at Knowledge 2024, but we understand more is coming this week.