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ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott is convinced that the rise of genAI is bigger than the “iPhone moment.” He argues that it is even bigger than the introduction of the Internet, the rise of cloud computing, and the iPhone moment. According to him, 70 percent of all jobs will change in the next three years because of AI. The job market will look very different in the coming years.

This week, ServiceNow is once again hosting its annual Knowledge conference. Beforehand, we had a conversation with Bill McDermott, CEO at ServiceNow, about all the developments in the market and around ServiceNow. According to McDermott, the world is going to change at a rapid pace. With the advent of genAI, many repetitive tasks in the workplace are going to disappear. These can easily be taken over by AI. This means that organizations can get by with fewer employees but also better allocate employees to more important things.

This is not a bad thing in current market conditions, especially in Europe. Due to an aging population, the number of people in the labor market will start to decrease significantly in the coming years. An executive at ServiceNow told us that in Germany, there will be a decline of some 400,000 employees per year in the coming years. Organizations in Europe will, therefore, be forced to become more efficient.

AI is a revolution

In the coming years, we will see self-service take off thanks to genAI. Be it employees with an HR issue or customers seeking organizational support. The average contact center or customer service center will soon be able to process many more tickets with fewer people. Many tickets can be resolved automatically, while an agent can pick up and process others with a simple action. GenAI can already analyze the question or problem and, in most cases, provide an appropriate solution. It also results in significant cost savings for organizations.

ServiceNow’s Now platform is now the AI platform for business transformation

According to McDermott, just the people in the room at the keynote will provide 1 billion hours of productivity savings. The Now platform is transformed in the AI platform for business transformation. It is one platform with a single pane of glass where all business applications are available. It is a platform where AI assistance is constantly available to you.

All organizations will invest in AI

McDermott states that last year, he met with 200 CEOs in one-on-one sessions who are all going to invest in AI. There is no exception. Surveys show that 82 percent of CEOs believe AI is going to disrupt their industry, and 93% are convinced that AI can make a positive contribution to their organization.

ServiceNow invests heavily in Europe and bets on partners to achieve growth

At ServiceNow, they want to grow significantly in the coming years. McDermott announced this last year. They are also aware that they cannot do this alone. That is why they have made their partner programs more interesting and flexible. Also, the ServiceNow App Store is being made more attractive for its partners to better sell their applications on top of the Now platform.

During Knowledge, ServiceNow also announced several significant partnerships. It will partner with Fujitsu, Genesys, and Infosys, allowing ServiceNow to gain a greater foothold in different industries and regions.

In Europe, ServiceNow is currently growing faster than in the United States. To further facilitate that growth, it has opened three new offices in Europe in recent months. The focus is currently on the larger European countries, where ServiceNow not only wants to convince enterprise customers but also large SMEs can benefit from the Now platform together with partners.

ServiceNow’s ambitions around AI are huge

It should be clear that ServiceNow is currently growing rapidly and has huge ambitions around genAI. The world is going to change dramatically because of AI, and ServiceNow wants to be a big part of that. The future will tell whether they succeed in doing so.

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