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Google Lens app already recognizes more than 1 billion objects

The Google-Lens app for smart phone cameras currently recognizes more than 1 billion different objects using artificial intelligence (AI) based on machine learning and computer vision. This was recently announced by Google.

According to a blog post by the tech giant, the number of objects that can be recognized and named with the app has risen from 250,000 to more than 1 billion at the moment since its introduction in May 2017. The strong growth in the number of recognizable objects is mainly due to the fact that Google constantly integrates the various forms of machine learning and computer vision technology that it develops with each other and thus constantly adapts the algorithms.

For the artificial intelligence for Google Lens, Google feeds the app with images from Google Image, facts from Google Knowledge Graph and TensorFlow, the tech giant’s open source machine learning framework. Artificial intelligetics also uses metadata from photos on end users’ smartphones.


Specifically, the Lens-app makes it possible to focus the camera on an object, for example in a shop, to obtain more information about it. In addition, the app can also read and copy texts. A funny extra feature is that the app, by focusing on a WiFi code or a router label, can also automatically connect the device, often a smartphone, directly to the WiFi network.

Availability Google Lens app

The Google Lens app is of course available for the mobile OS Android, but also for iOS. In addition, the app is integrated into the Google Assistant functionality for the latest Android-based smartphones.

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