Companies are increasingly jumping on the possibilities of artificial intelligence. The incorporation of this by large companies has grown by 270 percent over the past four years, says research agency Gartner. In the past year alone, its integration has tripled, according to the agency. 37 percent of companies now use artificial intelligence in one way or another.

Today, Gartner released its 2019 CIO Survey, based on responses from sun 3,000 CIOs from companies across different industries. According to the research, artificial intelligence is applied very widely. These include automated big data analyses, image recognition, machine learning and natural language processing.

Using AI

If you are a CIO and your organization does not use AI, chances are that your competitors will and you should be worried, says research director Chris Howard in a statement. The advent of general AI is still far in the future, but we are already in the time when AI can take over work and decisions, also known as augmented intelligence.

Gartner argues that AI is very likely to be an integral part of the future strategy of companies in almost every industry in the future. Some industries are ahead of others. For example, 52 percent of companies in the telecom industry already use AI chatbots for their customer service. At the same time, 49 percent of companies have adapted their business models to incorporate new AI processes into their business processes.

The integration of AI into a company is also not as easy as the figures seem to suggest. Companies mainly have to deal with a shortage of people when it comes to the application and integration of AI. Also, AI has so far had less impact on employment than was feared. Only eight percent of the Global 2000 companies report that they have lost jobs due to the integration of AI, robots and automation. The rest of the companies indicate that AI actually helps to create new work.

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