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Intel is further expanding its blockchain offering to make it easier for companies to do something with blockchain. The company’s marketing materials show that it is launching new and scalable solutions consisting of ready-to-use blockchain products.

This is what the site The Next Web reports based on marketing materials (PDF) that it found on the Intel site. This is a solution with the illustrious name Intel Select Solution for Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric. These are a range of hardware and software products that Intel offers directly to companies.

Intel Solutions

The solutions are all built on Intel hardware. Devices such as the Intel Xeon Scalable processor platform, Solid State Hard Drives and Ethernet Network Adaptors are all packaged to help companies get their blockchain up and running as quickly as possible.

There is currently only one configuration available within the Intel solution: the Base Configuration. This setup is more or less the minimum required to run Intel’s Hyperledge Fabric software. This means that the system is equipped with two Xeon processors with ten cores, 96 gigabytes of working memory, a 240 gigabyte SSD boot drive, 1 terabyte of data storage capacity and 10 Gbps network speed.

Intel claims that all this hardware is scalable, although in this case this means that the servers can be upgraded. That’s not uncommon with business solutions like this. Incidentally, the Hyperledger Fabric solutions only need to be scaled up if they can no longer meet the demand for resources.

Anyway, it is a way for Intel to respond to the increasing demand and interest from the business community for blockchain. It seems that two thirds of the companies are considering applying and rolling out blockchain somehow. So the business interest is great, with which there is also a lot of money to be made.

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