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UiPath considers launching own conversational AI-bot

UiPath considers launching own conversational AI-bot

UiPath, which provides services related to Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is considering launching its own platform for companies to create a conversational AI agent. The AI agent would then not only be useful for the consumer, but also for the backend.

This is reported by CPO Param Kahlon opposite the VentureBeat site. UiPath is working hard to launch new features and services. For example, the company already added functionality from the Microsoft Bot Framework and last summer integrated the Google Enterprise Dialogflow. In addition to these services, hundreds of other automated workflows and machine learning integrations can be found in the UiPath Marketplace. The company is currently evaluating feedback from its customers and looking at what will be needed in the future to help them even more.

Own AI agent

Originally, UiPath didn’t want to work with his own AI agent at all. That’s because according to Kahlon, there are so many similar services already. But some of our customers said: Hey, we don’t have one and we want to have an end-to-end solution from you. And so it may well be that we will develop these kinds of services, in addition to our own end-to-end experience, according to Kahlon.

According to UiPath, the launch of sun AI agent will be essential to link traditional business applications to those of the new generation. New apps are increasingly focused on dialogue and we focus on bridging the differences between chatbots and legacy apps, Kahlon says. According to him, the company will probably base its AI agent on the software that Microsoft already offers with the Bot Framework, or with Google’s Dialogflow, and thus will not completely start developing it again.

Kahlon’s expectation is that 2019 will be the year of RPA. UiPath is not the only RPA company that raises a lot of money in an investment round. Other RPA companies are also doing well with investors: Automation Anywhere was able to raise 300 million dollars (264 million euros) and Kyron 40 million dollars (35.2 million euros) last week. There are high growth expectations this year and there is much more awareness about RPA than ever before, concludes Kahlon.

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