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Google gives Firebase framework multiple updates

Google gives Firebase framework multiple updates

Google provides its mobile and web application development framework Firebase with various updates to make the work of developers easier. The updates were launched during the Google I/O developer conference and focus on artificial intelligence options.

For example, Google is building on the launch of ML Kit last year, which is a collection of APIs that developers can use to add specific artificial intelligence (AI) skills to their apps. Now three new APIs are being made available, writes Silicon Angle.

The new APIs are all in beta. First of all, there is the Translation API, which allows developers to use Google Translate’s offline models in their apps. There is also the Object Detection & Tracking API, which allows apps to locate and track the most prominent object in a live camera feed in real-time. Finally, there is the AutoML Vision Edge API, which makes it easy to develop your own image classification models for specific purposes.

Monitoring and analytics

Firebase’s Performance Monitoring tools for mobile apps are now being extended to Web apps. These tools are now available in beta and help developers find problems in their apps and find a solution. The dashboard must track and visualize high level web metrics such as page loading and network statistics. Developers should also be able to look at user segments by country, browser and other characteristics.

In addition, the Google Analytics for Firebase service receives a makeover. The service allows developers to measure the different ways in which people use their apps so that they can better understand their audience. According to Google, this service has been “completely rebuilt with a new interface”.

In addition, there is a new tool called audience builder, which provides insights into such metrics as sequences, scoping, time windows and the duration of a membership. These metrics can be useful for people who want to share their users for more personalized offers or for advertisements.

Other updates

In addition, Firebase will support Collection Group Queries in Cloud Firestore, which is a fully managed NoSQL database service. Collection Group Queries is a database search tool that makes it easier to search for related data topics.

There is also a new Cloud Functions Emulator function for testing new pieces of code, and a Configurable Velocity Alerts function in Firebase Cashlytics. This is a tool that is used to solve stability problems of apps. The feature is designed to alert developers if existing problems suddenly get worse.

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