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Google recently announced that it will be adding Smart Compose to Docs, Sheets, and Slides on both Android and iOS. Other updates coming to the mobile apps include Dark Mode and link previews.

Smart Compose, which uses artificial intelligence to help users complete their sentences, is probably the most anticipated addition. The feature has been present in Gmail and the web version of Docs for a while now, and it helps save a whopping 3 billion keystrokes a week, as reported by Google.

Once you get the update and start typing, Smart Compose text will appear as gray words to help you complete your sentences only by swiping.

It doesn’t stop at Smart Compose

Link previews are among the other features that will be made available to the apps. A user will be able to see a pop-up box containing link descriptions and titles of public links together with a visual thumbnail and a new comment interface.

Vertical scrolling will also be made possible in Slides. With the Docs, Sheets, and Slides, one will comfortably edit Microsoft Office files. Google said that the updates are meant to make work easier for the many employees currently carrying out their work from home due to the ongoing global pandemic.

A new flexible way to work

“And with the recent growth of remote work, providing all employees-not just those on the frontlines- with the flexibility to work the way they want has become a strategic necessity,” Google announced.

The other good news for iPhone users is that Dark Mode will be among the many updates coming in the near feature.

The exact time of releasing the new features and updates has not been announced yet, but Android and iOS device users can expect these updates in a few weeks to come.