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Brands want more and better information about their target markets. Just this week, Twilio bought the customer data startup Segment for a reported $3.2 billion. Google is no different than any other company in the same space.

Yesterday, it announced a slew of updates to Google Analytics to help companies understand their customers better using Google tools. 

Vidhya Srinivasan, the VP of measurement, analytics, and buying platforms at Google, wrote about this in a company blog post. He introduced the new features that the company views as a solution to the changing consumer-brand relationship due to the pandemic.

Understanding customer data better

Google wants to help by adding new features marketers can use to hit their targets. One of the methods used involves the fusion of Analytics with machine learning to highlight the essential data to marketers who deploy the platform.

With machine learning at its core, Google Analytics can automatically show helpful insights that provide a deeper understanding of customers across all devices and platforms.

The platform’s updates are meant to give marketers access to more information that they need, like providing the number of customers who are most likely to buy or churn, among other things.

If it works, it is golden

If the description of how it works turns out to be accurate, marketers can measure how they perform with each customer or group of customers across the entirety of their interactions. Information like this is helpful, considering that the pandemic changed what consumers need.

Because this product is from Google, it is designed to integrate well with Google ads, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Search, including non-Google channels.

The insight promised will help marketers deal with a changing landscape that is throwing curveballs in the form of regulation, changing customers’ needs and supply channels, among other things.