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Cohesity will use Amazon’s Cloud services to offer customers a dynamic DMaaS solution.

Cohesity announced a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services to transform their data management offering into a Cloud-based service.

“Cohesity and AWS are also focused on helping customers derive value from data,” said Mohit Aron, Cohesity’s CEO and Founder. “Customers can access a wealth of AWS services,” he added. These include Amazon Macie to help customers meet compliance needs, as well as Amazon Redshift for analytics.

COVID is a factor driving Cohesity’s move to the Cloud

The Coronavirus emergency has transformed the way enterprises around the world are running their businesses. The Cohesity-Amazon project demonstrates that the COVID-driven need for flexibility has now extended to the realm of Data Analytics.

Adam Ronthal, vice president analyst at technology research firm Gartner, confirmed the trend to the Wall Street Journal. “The pandemic highlighted the requirement and necessity to take a more proactive role of data modeling and predictive modeling in order to efficiently anticipate and meet demands,” he said.

Ronthal, who focuses on data management and analytics, said this has also caused IT executives to take a closer look at how they are managing their data.

Cohesity Helios is the power behind DMaaS

The foundation for this new DMaaS solution is Cohesity Helios. This SaaS-based data platform currently serves more than 1,500 customers. Helios enables customers to see, manage, and act on their data globally across environments which they manage.

Customers will now have the option to use Helios in the same way to manage data that resides in a Cohesity-managed Cloud environment.

Helping the move from CAPEX to OPEX based funding models

Vineet Abraham, Cohesity’s Chief Product and Development Officer, summarized the cost benefits in a blog post.

“The DMaaS solution will provide all the usual SaaS benefits, such as the ability to move from CapEx to Opex funding, eliminate overprovisioning, and redeploy IT staff to more strategic projects, but it will go much further.”

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